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The supe may have turned 40 today, but she did more in her 39th year than any of us have, well, ever. Here, we take a look back at the moments, accomplishments and campaigns that Kate Moss checked off this year. Click through to see them all.
Playboy's 60th Anniversary Cover
In honor of Playboy's 60th anniversary and Kate's 40th (birthday, that is), she covered the iconic magazine's January/February issue in what we can imagine was an editorial that required very little Photoshop. The shoot spurred more than buzz, however: she inspired a sexy Marc Jacobs t-shirt that may have been the best $35 we spent all year.
The 2013 British Fashion Awards
To recognize an astounding 25-year career, Kate was honored at 2013's British Fashion Awards with a very special (and well-deserved) Special Recognition award—while wearing Alexander McQueen, no less.
Stuart Weitzman's Spring 2013 Campaign
Earlier in 2013, Kate Moss stripped down to front Stuart Weitzman's Spring 2013 campaign, photographed by Mario Testino. We know the whole point of shoe ads is to showcase, you know, the shoe, but Kate's presence has us begging to differ.
Kate's Mini-Me
Sister, sister! Kate's angelic half-sister Lottie snagged a Storm Model Management contract earlier this month, which is awesome for two reasons. First, Storm is the very agency that discovered Kate at age 15; second, this means we may get to ogle at another Moss face all over the catwalks sometime in the very near future.
Lasting Finish Lipstick
Kate's been a Rimmel London figurehead for years, but never before had she created her own lipstick formula—until this year. Available in nine pretty shades, "Lasting Finish by Kate Moss" officially boosts her into beauty icon territory.
Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye Music Video
For a brief period, Kate reunited with her former flame Johnny Depp to film a music video for Paul McCartney's new tune, "Queenie Eye." Kate's appearance isn't very long, but it's definitely noteworthy—here she is dancing on a table, see?!
Kate and Topshop, Together Again
2013 brought us word of Kate's first co-created Topshop collection in three and a half years, set to debut this spring. While we can't forecast what the line will bring for sure, we confidently expect tuxedo blazers, skinny trousers and pointy-toe pumps.
Looking for Kate
The Kate documentary we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Titled Looking for Kate, French television channel Paris Première documented all aspects of her life and career which, somehow, still remain steeped in mystique. But major bummer alert: since it debuted in France (and France only), we still haven't seen it.
Givenchy's Spring 2013 Campaign
Riccardo Tisci cast his longtime pal in Givenchy's Spring 2013 campaign, as explained by the following, adorable statement: "It's about family—something that is difficult to find in today's world."