The Kate Moss Documentary You've Been Waiting For Has Arrived!

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Kate Moss, we just can't quit you. One the eve of her 40th birthday, 2013 brought us a gratuitously healthy dose of the queen of the catwalk in all sorts of forms. Not only did she receive a (very well-deserved, might we add) lifetime achievement award at the 2013 British Fashion Awards, but she also landed a contributing fashion editor gig at British Vogue, landed the cover of Playboy's 60th anniversary issue and joined forces with Topshop (again). Oh, this happened. But how else would we expect Moss to celebrate the end of her 30s?

As January 16 officially marks Moss' big 4-0, one French television channel, Paris Première, will help her ring in her fourth decade in the spotlight. On January 12, Parisians (and unfortunately for now, Parisians alone) will get to watch an exclusive documentary commemorating her 20-odd years at the top of the fashion biz.

Looking for Kate will document all aspects of Moss' story—scandals (2007's "Cokate") and relationships-gone-sour (Johnny Depp), included—in a way that will hopefully shed some light on her still spellbinding star power. And as Vogue Paris reports, "the documentary will delve into some of the darker aspects of the woman whose face is known all over the world but whose story remains shrouded in mystery."

While Paris Première is keeping mum on how long we Americans will have to wait until we get to see Looking for Kate ourselves, we know now that it will feature interviews from figures who have been with Moss from the beginning—including Isabel Marant, Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh.

And in case you're reading this in Paris, Looking for Kate premieres on Paris Première at 11 am on January 12.

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