Why Emma Thompson's Ladylike Outfits in Saving Mr. Banks Are Seriously Oscar-Worthy

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Nothing says "This script and its interpretation of my beloved, semi-autobiographical character just won't do!" like a cardigan sweater held together with a sweater clip. Click through to shop the look.

François Duhamel. Courtesy of Disney Enterprises, Inc

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As a kid, one of the adult accessories I most wanted was Mary Poppins' incredible expanding tapestry bag. She fit a whole coat rack in there!

So understandably, I was very excited to see Saving Mr. Banks, the movie starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks that traces the adaptation of Mary Poppins from popular children's book to Disney movie musical. In the film, persnickety writer P.L. Travers (played by Thompson) travels to Los Angeles to assist with the writing of the script, despite serious objections to Walt Disney transforming her book into a—shudder—"cartoon." Everything she says and does shows she's against the project—down to her out-of-place clothes.

In addition to the great performances by Thompson and Hanks, I loved the movie's '60s period costumes—particularly the ones created for Thompson by costume designer Daniel Orlandi. The warm autumnal colors, the tweeds so out of season in sunny Los Angeles and the ladylike accessories made me want to add a shot of prim and proper English-author chic to my own wardrobe. Click through the slideshow above to see some stills from the film and shoppable items inspired by its style.

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