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Nothing says "This script and its interpretation of my beloved, semi-autobiographical character just won't do!" like a cardigan sweater held together with a sweater clip. Click through to shop the look.
A delicate vintage sweater clip from Etsy makes for an unusual accent when pinned to a cardigan in a complementary color.
In this scene, Walt Disney himself takes Mrs. Travers on a tour of Disneyland, but she's still not impressed. Check out that delicate mustard blouse under the tweed suit she's wearing—and her shield-like pocketbook. No-nonsense, but sumptuous nonetheless. Click through to shop the look.
Mrs. Travers knows a classic matte red lip looks great with statement accessories.
Back home in England, she's still unhappy with the Disney-fication of her book—but at least she's wearing a coordinating skirt suit and matching pearls while she stews over it. Click through to shop the look.
A complementary top coat and sensible accessories become a sophisticated outfit that's as deliberate as (but less fussy than) a suit.