Lindsay Lohan: 'Who Stole My $75,000 Fur Coat?'

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George Pimentel/Getty Images

In August, Lindsay Lohan appeared in a one-on-one Oprah interview that kept many of us chatting for days to come. Maybe it was that fitted, tangerine dress, or perhaps it was her candid, questionable admissions (i.e. that she "kind of wanted to go to to jail"). But if that interview had instilled any hope that LiLo would cease with her heavy partying, we seem to have been sorely mistaken.

According to TMZ, Lindsay hit up New York club hot spot 1Oak on Wednesday night while wearing a (presumably fabulous) two-piece, $75,000 fur coat. However, she reportedly walked out with only one of the coat's two pieces, and when she returned to look for the missing half, it was nowhere to be found. To locate the fur, Lindsay called everyone who had been at her table—everyone except a Seattle Seahawks player who has yet to be identified.

Weird, right? But before Lindsay makes any brash accusations, she must understand how these things work. Everyone has lost a coat while being out at some point or another (mine was a grey North Face fleece in 2011), and unfortunately, they can be impossible to track down.

Looks like we need to get the Olsen & Olsen Mystery Agency on this, stat.

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