Office Crush: 15 Lucky Editor Purchases Inspired By A Coworker

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Chances are one of these Lucky ladies inspired the other three. Click through for 15 more editor-influenced purchases.

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An unwavering urge to shop is a Lucky editor's number one occupational hazard. It starts the moment she enters the office, passing several rolling racks of new clothes (slowing down, pulling a sequined skirt out for further inspection), settles in and starting researching a story. As her computer screen starts to fill up with shoes, bags and dresses—each more irresistible than the last—she'll start eyeing her wallet wistfully. Then comes the biggest temptation of all: a coworker walks by wearing the most amazing something ever, and she can't live without it. Rare is the day that passes without her asking "where did you get that?" at least once.

Yes, there's a healthy amount of style admiration (or "office crushes," as Jayna says) floating around the sixth floor of Condé Nast, and we're not ashamed to admit it—or let it influence our looks. As you'll see in the slideshow above, where our editors have shared 15 purchases inspired by fellow Lucky staffers, we're all about twinsie moments here.

Click through for 15 things with a double (and in some cases, triple) stamp of approval (we'd bet a pair of $4,000 Chanel sneakers you won't be able to resist any of it either).

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