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Our editors count old-school Bob Dylan, a fur-clad Cruella and the permanently polished Grace Kelly as some of their biggest style icons. Click through to see who else made the list.
"For me, Grace Kelly is the perfect icy blonde American—very cold and distant on the surface, but you just know that there is so much more to it! She knew what worked best on her, and she managed to keep a very consistent look throughout the years; the perfect balance between seductive and elegant, her fashions were always pretty, simple, clean-lined, classic and sophisticated. In a time where we are constantly bombarded with more skin and faux hooker looks, I find her a refreshing source of inspiration!" - Katia Kuethe, creative director
"Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid because nobody ever looked better in anything than they did in that—and because I want to be an old-timey bank robber." - Laurel Pantin, market editor
"Cruella De Vil with her stooped, decrepit posture—and that she's forever draped in this outlandish, Edward Gorey-esque fur coat that hangs off her shoulders just so—is so chic! If you Google her, you can see that the first layer of her uniform is this long, slinky black dress with the most amazing plunging cut. Sometimes I waver between my two favorite nail polish shades and decide on doing each hand a different color— which is maybe why her shocking hair appeals to me. That and its jagged texture. She is just so cool-looking." - Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor
"My grandmother! She was in her 50s when this photo was taken. I've never seen anyone as comfortable with themselves while taking the most wonderfully outlandish fashion risks. She has so much fun with clothes. She used to wear outfits that were bordering on costumes—gypsy outfits or Russian princess dresses—to parties and look stunning and totally at ease. She was also always on a tight budget, but able to put things together in a way that looked sophisticated. I think so much of her style was simply the way in which she carried herself: always with utter self-confidence." - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"I would kill (pun most definitely intended) for Gwyneth Paltrow's wardrobe in A Perfect Murder. It's classic '90s—if you're Carolyn Bessette or, at the very least, blessed with her bank account—which is to say: super luxe, and full of cashmere turtlenecks, dark, monochromatic coats and minimalist dresses. That said, my favorite look might be Gwyneth in a crisp white button-down paired with nothing but a set of black thigh-high stockings." - Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor
"For nearly the past decade, I've been head over heels in love with Gwyneth Paltrow's style, from the slinky slip dresses and longline coats she wore constantly throughout the '90s to the daring minis and towering heels she favored during her Iron Man press tours. And don't even get me started on her amazing Oscars and Met Ball looks—always flawless, and always a little bit unconventional (cape-backed Tom Ford, anyone?)." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"Marlo Thomas in That Girl —I like the whole '60s thing. She was the Zooey Deschanel of her day." - Laura Morgan, special projects director
"Over the past few years, however, Taylor Swift has taken over as the primary star who really inspires me style-wise—make all the jokes you want, but the girl can dress. Ever since she started promoting her album Red in 2012, she's never put a single foot wrong as far as I'm concerned. The plaid circle skirts, the collegiate-cool duffle coats, the glittery brogues, the vintage sundresses—I literally want to own every single thing in her closet. More than anything, I love that Taylor makes absolutely no apologies for dressing the way she does—a little bit twee, a little bit vintage-influenced and definitely not how you'd expect a pop superstar to outfit herself. Oh, and her music's not half bad, either." - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"Vintage Bob Dylan did everything right—denim on denim, plaid on denim, velvet on denim. Plus, there were the Wayfarers and skinny suits and shearling-lined jackets. AND the acoustic guitars and harmonicas. It's unkempt-boho-meets-Greenwich-Village perfection." - Jenna Gottlieb, senior fashion writer
"There are a few varieties of chic. Carine Roitfeld is the epitome of COOL chic and if I could, I would dress exactly like her. Something to work towards." - Kristie Dash, assistant to the editor-in-chief
"Anne-Louise Lambert in Picnic at Hanging Rock! She's wood-nymph-meets-Laura-Ingalls-Wilder. In other words, PERFECT." - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"Olivia Palermo! She always looks so polished and put together without appearing 'styled.' I've tried to unearth a picture of her on an off day, but I've yet to find one!" - Noelle Sciacca, associate fashion market editor
"My style icon is Mia Sara's character, Sloane Peterson, in my favorite movie of all time, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Despite wearing just variations of one outfit in the entire film, we really get a grasp of what her style is: vintage, carefree and equally as daring as it is chic. I've seen the movie a lot, but every single time she walks out of school with Mr. Rooney, I squawk over her white fringe jacket. I need that jacket in my life too badly." - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"I always love what Leigh Lezark wears. Whether she's blonde or brunette, she always has a very distinctive edgy-slash-chic-slash-Euro style that oozes cool." - Chantal Fernandez, editorial assistant
"The woman responsible for styling Anna Wintour's historic first cover of Vogue—[Lucky's editor-at-large] Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele!! Who can forget a $10,000 Christian Lacroix Haute Couture top with $50 Guess jeans?? No one." - Whitney Feldmann, fashion assistant
"Edith Sitwell for the hats, jewelry, the nose and her poetry." - Linda Neaman, production editor
"It's a toss-up between Amanda Harlech, Camille Micelli and Phoebe Philo. What I love best about Amanda, Karl Lagerfeld's right-hand woman at Chanel, is that she doesn't treat clothing as a precious commodity. If she loves something, she wears it, no special occasion needed. For day, she might casually wear a haute couture dress with a blazer. No biggie. I love that! Camille is Louis Vuitton's new jewelry designer. She's French, loves feminine, flirty outfits and has the biggest megawatt smile. She always looks like she is having fun! I have to include Phoebe, the creative director at Céline, of course, because she can do no wrong. Whatever she wears, I want. In her twenties, she was all about high-waisted flared denim jeans, platform sandals and cute, short boxy dresses. Oh, and she did nail art before nail art was a thing. Now in the fourth decade of her life, she's trying to balance work life and family life. So it's more about quiet luxury: sumptuous cashmeres, relaxed trousers, furry slippers and even painterly prints. All three of these women exude pure confidence in the way they dress. They know what they like and don't care what others think. They dress for themselves. They are my fashion ballers." - Joane Amay, senior credits editor