Why Shopping at J.Crew Is About To Get Even Better (Updated!)

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You can always count on J.Crew Group Inc.'s chairman and chief executive officer, Millard "Mickey" Drexler, to say something headline-grabbing—or at least attention-grabbing. After all, this is the man who, according to WWD, installed a paging system (as in, pagers) at J.Crew's New York headquarters on his second or third day on the job.

As WWD reports, Mickey spoke to this and a whole slew of other fascinating tidbits regarding pricing, creativity, his career and more as a guest speaker at the auditorium inauguration in New School's University Center in Manhattan last night. The onetime chairman and CEO of Gap Inc., Mickey moved to J.Crew in 2002 after being unexpectedly and abruptly fired by Gap's founder, Donald Fisher.

During the discussion, Mickey promised a forthcoming spring season filled with a more balanced offering in terms of prices. Despite having led two of the largest clothing corporations in the world, Mickey states that he resents the ever-controversial fast fashion craze: "I find the world isn't that high-integrity. Maybe I grew up not being able to afford nice things, but it shouldn't be that way. I wanted nice clothes that aren't crazily priced...Who has the patience to live with ugly goods?”

UPDATE: A representative at J.Crew reached out to clarify Drexler's remarks regarding the brand's plans for spring. This post has been updated accordingly.


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