Five Fast Steps For Mastering Minimalism

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The less-is-more look requires more work than you'd think. Click through for a crash course on minimalist dressing.

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In theory, the minimalist trend seems fairly easy to pull off. It's all about simplicity, so there's no complicated pattern mixing involved, or piles of jewelry to layer just so. The "is this too much?" stress of glitter, sparkle and embellishment isn't a factor, either, and loud colors are usually kept to a palette of one or two—if that. Most pared-down outfits are centered around neutrals.

Yet, for such a perfect-sounding sartorial scenario, less-is-more dressing requires some serious finesse. Unlike the bigger-is-better ensembles of yore (or, you know, 2012), you can't fake the look by just piling more stuff on. There's no room for error: with only a few pieces to work with, the styling job needs to land somewhere between jeans-and-T-shirt basic and Met-Ball-red-carpet breathtaking. You're guaranteed to get it right every time, though, by following my five easy tips in the slideshow above, each illustrated with helpful street style shots. Click through to master minimalism for good.

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