15 Fashion Week-Tested, Lucky Editor-Approved Pairs of Comfortable Heels

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While full out sprinting might be a stretch, the 15 heels ahead are definitely comfortable enough for walking around offices and parties without a shoe change. Click through to shop our editors' picks now.

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Even with all the love our editors give flats around here (which, as you can see from this, this and this, is quite a lot), they can't deny the power of a great pair of heels. It's a shoe style guaranteed to make everyone look taller and leaner in a way that even the most flattering ballerinas can't, an instant confidence boost right before a big event, the difference between walking into a room and making an entrance. Who wouldn't endure a few measly blisters for all that?

Well, for starters, the 15 Lucky staffers in the slideshow above. Instead of suffering through long meeting, working lunches and after hours parties in pinchy, uncomfortable footwear, they've tracked down logic defyingly comfortable pumps and stiletto sandals that actually let them look and feel good*. Click through to see and shop 15 heels that won't hurt after five minutes (or five hours!).

*Or just refuse to change out of their sneakers altogether—see slide 14!

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