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There's still a good eight weeks of chilly temperatures and impromptu snowfalls left, so why make getting dressed hard? Click through for seven easy ways to rework your go-to winter pieces.

The Piece: A striped sailor shirt.

The Standby Pairing: The ultimate off-duty combo of stovepipe jeans, flat boots and a gray overcoat.

Try This Instead: Resist the urge to go casual and reach for slouchy leather trousers and bright white pumps instead. A striped jacket is a the perfect way to finish the outfit, so long as you find a style with much thicker horizontal lines than those on your shirt. Contrast is what makes this look work, so the two motifs mustn't be similar.

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The Piece: A long, double-breasted overcoat.

The Standby Pairing: Over, well, everything—what else can you do with it? It's an overcoat, after all.

Try This Instead: All it takes to make your outerwear seem like a totally new piece is a skinny black belt around the waist. Besides giving you an hourglass shape (no small feat when you're wearing several layers), this easy add-on totally changes the coat's sihouette. Don't be surprised if people think it's new!

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The Piece: High-waisted jeans.

The Standby Pairing: Tucked-in T-shirts and button-front shirts.

Try This Instead: Counterintuitive as it seems to wear a cropped sweater in the middle of winter, it totally works when you balance it with above-the-belly-button denim. Top the outfit off with a boxy overcoat (cropped sleeves optional, but they do mesh nicely with all this proportion play), and that sliver of exposed stomach won't get cold at all.

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The Piece: A tweedy jacket.

The Standby Pairing: Outfits meant for milder winter days, since this mid-weight style doesn't provide very much warmth.

Try This Instead: Quadruple its heat factor by adding a thick fur (faux or real, your choice) underneath. Try to make the second layer a little longer: you want at least a little bit of plush fabric to show.

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The Piece: A chambray shirt.

The Standby Pairing: Slightly darker jeans for a Canadian tuxedo done right.

Try This Instead: Make this preppy staple seem sporty and sleek by mixing it with silk track pants and a colorful cropped sweater.

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The Piece: Skinny denim.

The Standby Pairing: A soft neutral-colored cable-knit sweater and black ankle booties that are, or look a lot like, something Isabel Marant designed.

Try This Instead: The key to looking dressed up in your more comfortable pair of jeans is picking the right colors. A pastel pullover and grey suede boots seem super-sophisticated, especially when mixed with a coordinating statement necklace.

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The Piece: Black trousers.

The Standby Pairing: Similarly serious workwear pieces, such as oxford shirts and boyfriend blazers.

Try This Instead: Give the whole look a playful spin by tossing a long pink coat over the whole thing. Because the top layer is so unabashedly girly, feel free to make your outfit underneath menswear-heavy: the more push-pull, the better.

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