Seven New Ways To Wear Your Winter Basics

The Piece: A striped sailor shirt.

The Standby Pairing: The ultimate off-duty combo of stovepipe jeans, flat boots and a gray overcoat.

Try This Instead: Resist the urge to go casual and reach for slouchy leather trousers and bright white pumps instead. A striped jacket is a the perfect way to finish the outfit, so long as you find a style with much thicker horizontal lines than those on your shirt. Contrast is what makes this look work, so the two motifs mustn't be similar.

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Associate Digital Editor

No judgement here if you've been wearing almost the same thing every day this month. Between dark mornings, bone-chilling temperatures and puddle-filled streets, winter's not exactly a time when people want to get up early for wardrobe experimentation. Sticking with a few foolproof outfit formulas means saving time, and saving time means sleeping in, and who doesn't want to sleep in when there's a #polarvortex outside?

The only problem with this tradeoff is that all those go-to combinations—no matter how awesome—will inevitably start to feel stale. It won't be long until co-workers and friends can accurately predict your day-to-day looks, and your selfie shots all appear oddly uniform. To keep all your ensembles feeling fresh, you'll need the seven sneaky styling tricks in the slideshow above, each for an item of clothing you already have in heavy rotation. More tweaks than complete overhauls, these tips make it possible to press your snooze button five times and still leave the house with an inspired outfit on. Click through now for seven new ways to wear your favorite winter pieces.

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