Seven Essential Prints Every Wardrobe Needs

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So you've stocked up on solid T-shirts, dark wash jeans and other wardrobe basics—now it's time to talk about prints! Click through for seven all wardrobes need.

Getty Images (far left), Kuba Dabrowski for WWD (center and far right)

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Too many prints in one closet can be overwhelming. Especially now that the whole clashing-patterns trend has died down*, and wearing graphic clothing requires more finesse. You've got to pick just the right one to enhance your outfit without taking it over, so having a good base of options is key. That's where the seven prints in the slideshow above come in, each classic enough to work with any style and survive all passing trends. Click through to round out your wardrobe now.

*Of course, pairing patterns is just some girls' thing—they don't care if it's on trend. We love that! If you, like Susie Bubble and Solange Knowles, fall in this category, feel free to mix these timeless prints with wilder ones.

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