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So you've stocked up on solid T-shirts, dark wash jeans and other wardrobe basics—now it's time to talk about prints! Click through for seven all wardrobes need.
1. Stripes
Depending on the thickness or color of these parallel lines, the look can read anything from preppy to mod to nautical. Should you find the limitless options overwhelming, though, go for a basic navy and white style—it's basically impossible to mess up. Click through to shop the look now.
2. Polka Dots
Unlike hearts and stars, which can easily skew too sweet, this spotty print makes outfits more girly in a refreshingly subtle way. Plus, it's just so happy! It's hard to be in a bad mood when you're covered in playful polka dots! Click through to shop the look now.
3. Leopard
No, you aren't going to look like a Real Housewife cast member, we promise. Should you need further convincing, just look at Alexa Chung, who consistently pulls off the look by balancing just one leopard piece with an otherwise simple outfit. Click through to shop the look now.
4. Plaid
Perhaps the coziest of all classic patterns, plaid is a very comforting pattern to wear. It reminds us of back-to-school shopping trips, snuggly winter blankets and other memories of the Proustian variety. Click through to shop the look now.
5. Floral
The thing about florals is that there's about a million options out there to choose from—you've just got to find which one looks best. As a general rule, big splashy garden prints work well on taller girls; petite ladies should stick with dainty ditsy motifs. Click through to shop the look now.
6. Houndstooth
While this zigzaggy motif is commonly found on menswear, that shouldn't stop you from wearing it. In fact, its natty Sherlock Holmes feel adds a nice contrast to more feminine ensembles. Click through to shop the look now.
7. A Bold Wildcard Option
Think of it as your weapon: when faced with a wardrobe crisis, this statement piece will make an outfit of basics seem more special. Even if you aren't a "print person," it's good to have at least one. Click through to shop the look now.