Retail Cheat Sheet: Hidden Discounts You Never Knew You Had



As we at Lucky are well aware (perhaps too much so), shopping is a constant, year-round endeavor that extends far beyond Black Friday. And whether you knew it or not, you may be in better fiscal shape—shopping-wise—than you thought. For your convenience, we're put together our top discount secret weapons to help you do your honorable American duty of stimulating the economy.

1. The student discount lifehacker method.

If you're currently in college and haven't been fully utilizing your glorious, envy-inducing student discount status, do all of us in the working world a solid and go shopping—as in, right now. As (we hope) you've found firsthand, many retailers offer fantastic student discounts that eliminate a serous amount of your final cost: J.Crew, one of our favorites, gives students 20 percent off, as does Ann Taylor; Banana Republic offers 15 percent; Apple, eight percent. You can persue a helpful, comprehensive list of student discounts at

And not that we condone "cheating," per se, but triple-check the expiration date on that student ID of yours. There's a chance there's no visible date—or perhaps it's simply (and conveniently) been worn away by time. Just saying, you know?

2. Industry discounts are key.

Many retailers reward certain professions—educators are among the most common—for their dedication to the field. Teachers, professors and school officials often receive 15 percent off at both Ann Taylor and J.Crew, for starters. Check out a good list at

3. "Secret discounts," they're real.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't the only major nationwide sales that occur year-round. Mark your calendars for certain, more stealthy shopping holidays, including the cyber "Green Monday" (the second Monday in December) and "Free Shipping Day" on December 18.

Additionally, jewelry is typically more inexpensive after Valentine's Day. And as retailers prepare to bring in their spring collections in February, merchandise goes on sale in January to make room for the new goods; the same happens in July before fall collections roll out. Bags and luggage often get marked down in March after a busy holiday travel period and a lull before busy travel shopping.

So, what are you doing still reading this? Get to it, people!

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