Sarah Jessica Parker: Coming Soon To A Nordstrom Near You

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

Having grown up in Chicago, I spent a fair amount of time in my adolescent years puttering around my local Nordstrom, spraying fragrant perfumes, ogling Manolos and trying on middle school dance-appropriate dresses. When I first moved to New York and learned that this city not only didn't have a Nordstrom, but wouldn't be getting one until 2018 ("I'll be ancient by then!" thought 21-year-old me), I was shocked.

The Big Apple's lack of a Nordstrom most recently became cause for concern when Sarah Jessica Parker announced that her much-anticipated SJP shoe line would be carried exclusively by—you guessed it—none other than Nordstrom. The forthcoming collection is set to hit stores on February 28, and SJP herself will be celebrating the launch by appearing at six Nordstrom locations across the country between the launch date and March 9 (a full roster of participating stores is available at

What was Nordstrom to do? Do as the New Yorkers do and open a pop-up shop, of course. The Seattle-based department store confirmed that a temporary Nordstrom will pop up at 372 West Broadway in New York's SoHo neighborhood. As the first stop on SJP's "Tour de Nordstrom," the Sex and the City actress will camp out there every day from the accessories line's February 28 launch through March 2.

Well, everybody, now you know exactly where you'll find us during those three days.

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