Steven Alan's Surprising Secret For Staying Warm

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It was all about stripes at the Steven Alan x West Elm launch party last night. There were big, fluffy beds covered in crisp ticking, and terracotta vases with variegated bands of color. Guests milled about a navy lined floor, snapping iPhone photos for Instagram, all tagged #shareyourstripes.

As I made my way around the room, taking notes of all the striped things I'd like for my apartment (in a dream world, everything—but this duvet for starters), I found Steven Alan himself quietly sipping his cocktail by a stack of colorful pillows. Perhaps to avoid clashing with his collection, the designer was dressed in all solids: indigo jeans, a button-down and one of the coziest-looking navy sweaters I've ever seen. Thinking about the sub-zero temperatures outside, I asked him for some advice on keeping warm. Read on for his tips (which involve special underwear, FYI), and movie style that inspires him most.

Lucky: Your sweater looks so warm! Is that how you're surviving this weather?

Steven Alan: Actually, I really like to wear wool underwear—or silk—when it's this cold. It's really easy to wear. And then a super warm hat; for me it's always my head [that gets cold], I guess because I don't have hair. And then, just to keep moving! If it wasn't snowing I'd be Citi biking everywhere right now.

L: Where does one procure wool underwear?

SA: There's a few places. Ibex has a lot of good stuff, it's where I get my…wool underwear. It sounds really weird, but it's not itchy; it's very comfortable.

L: Hopefully it's not this cold for fashion week next month. Are you doing anything to relax beforehand?

SA: I'm hanging out with my kids, that's kind of relaxing. I go to the gym, that's relaxing. I drink wine.

L: Do you watch anything on TV? A lot of really good shows just came back on.

SA: Girls—I've been watching that. I don't really watch that much TV. Sometimes in the morning I watch TV with my daughters, but it's cartoons, nothing too interesting. I like to watch the old Sesame Street; they have good guest music stars.

L: Is there any TV character with a style that you find especially exciting?

SA: Well, I'm trying to think of shows I've watched recently…there's Homeland. No. Boardwalk Empire…no. Breaking Bad—no.

L: Well, what about all the movies up Oscars right now—there's some good costumes!

SA: I just saw Spike Jonze's new movie Her—there's some nice clothing in there. I liked the sweaters.

L: Well, I like yours!

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