25 Perfect Parkas To Help You Survive The Polar Vortex

Fear not procrastinators, there are still some great cold weather parkas available online! Click through to prepare yourself for chilly temperatures, blustery wind and "wintry mixes."

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"It's SO cold outside." That's the first thing New Yorkers are saying to each other today, even before their standard hellos and how-are-you-doings. This breach of etiquette is understandable, considering the city's current temperature: a paltry five degrees last I checked, which is freezing enough to creep its way through piles of layers. If there was ever weather deserving of the term "polar vortex," this would be it.

Although there's no way to completely avoid the all-encompassing chill, having the right outerwear does help. Parkas, with their big cozy hoods and roomy wear-a-few-sweaters-beneath fit, are ideal, and they're what the happiest-looking people were wearing during my morning commute. As for everyone else, they're probably frantically searching online for the few good styles left that haven't completely sold out, all of which I've included in the slideshow above. Don't put yourself in the same situation—click through to secure your winter coat before the polar vortex hits your hometown.

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