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Want to know which trends from years past recently made a resurgence? Click through now to both see and shop them all.
Slip Dresses
What could possibly be sexier than wearing a lingerie-inspired silk slip dress during the daytime? Assuming that you're properly outfitted underneath it, you'll be in good shape.
Track Pants
For me, track pants are all too synonymous with the itchy, ill-fitting gymnastics team warm-up uniforms that continue to haunt my dreams. My old Adidas situation has grown up a bit, and there are now a number of stylish, comfortable versions for sale.
Hoop Earrings
In high school, I went through a (thankfully) brief period around 2006 during which I would wear the thinnest, largest possible hoop earrings because I saw Beyoncé wearing them on TRL once. Need I say more?
Bucket Bags
If Mansur Gavriel's seriously impossible to attain bucket bag reboot is any indication, this is one '90s trend we don't see going away anytime soon.
French Manicures
The French manicure: the once-obligatory eighth grade graduation nail treatment that has fortunately transitioned into something a little more chic and adult.
Flatform Shoes
Remember when the Spice Girls would trot around in half-foot-tall, clunky platforms, totally defining 1990s girl power? After seeing an enormous crop of similar styles on the catwalk throughout Spring 2014 fashion month, we're forecasting a major flatform comeback come May.
Wide-Legged Pants
Flares have been on the gradual climb for several years, but thanks to the mega-success of American Hustle, the wide legs of the 1970s are currently experiencing a second wind.
Blue Eyeshadow
We've previously harped on and on about the blue eyeshadow renaissance, currently being spotted on A-listers ranging from Keira Knightley to Drew Barrymore.
Distressed Jeans
The acid wash days of our youth are long gone (and for good reason), but well-worn, distressed denim has suddenly become the latest must-have jean of 2014; the more strategically placed holes in your pants, the better.
Thankfully, today's chokers have moved on from the plasticky, tattoo-style models of the mid-'90s (why were those even popular?). The modern versions come approved by celebs like Rihanna and Beyoncé.
Honestly, we're not quite sure why backpacks descended down the trend totem pole in the first place. Not only are they way better for your posture, but they add a certain sporty vibe to any outfit.