Valentine's Day Dresses You'll Wear More Than Once

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Straightforward and foolproof as it may seem—"Just pick something red and sexy!"—the business of shopping for a perfect Valentine's Day dress can be surprisingly tricky. Go too themey with a dangerously low-cut or heart-patterned design, and you'll never pick up said dress the other 364 days of the year; go basic with your standby LBD and, well, that makes your special V-Day date seem not so special after all.

Lucky wholeheartedly endorses the idea of dressing for the occasion—and in that spirit, we've picked out 15 knockout Valentine's Day dresses you're guaranteed to get major mileage out of—yes, even when it's not roses-and-chocolates season. A mix of red, pink and always-flattering black numbers, they're bound to work their way into your regular rotation. Click through above to shop them all!

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