Zooey Deschanel Is Getting Her First Designer Collaboration!

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Zooey Deschanel's new line of dresses for Tommy Hilfiger is a cute, femme match made in heaven. Click through now to get your first look!

Carter Smith/Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger Group

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While Zooey Deschanel got her big screen start as a sassy, bangs-less teen in Almost Famous, it wasn't really until she nabbed her starring role on the hit TV show "New Girl" that we were really able to get a glimpse of her off-the-red carpet personal style. In Zooey's endearing and quirky role as elementary school teacher, Jessica Day, we get now get a weekly dose of the 34-year-old's signature dresses, skirts and femme prints.

This spring, Tommy Hilfiger is bringing this doe-eyed style to Macy's via a capsule collection of 16 flirty dresses, all of which perfectly represent Zooey's girlish, off-duty style. This close collaboration, as Tommy told WWD, is focused on "what she likes and what she doesn't like, the kind of fabrics and what kind of colors. We really see eye to eye on a lot of what she loves"—which, perhaps, justifies the love note-y name of the line, "To Tommy, From Zooey."

"I am a fashion fanatic, and I am always looking for new ways to incorporate vintage, feminine pieces into my own wardrobe," Zooey said. "Tommy and I share many of the same inspirations—old-school music, classic films and old Hollywood icons—and his guidance during the design process helped to put a really unique twist on each piece."

The line will be priced between $98 and $199, and the 16 styles will launch at 200 Macy's stores on April 14. Click through above now to peep the first looks from the To Tommy, From Zooey capsule collection.

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