12 Coats Guaranteed to Get You Noticed

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The most awesome reason to wear a really good coat? You don't have to think that much about rest of your outfit (unless you want to, of course). A statement-making layer can make a jeans and sweater or simple shift dress and tights outfit into instant street style bait. Oh and if we must talk function, a nice coat will keep you warm, too. Slip into one of these 12 attention-grabbing pieces ahead, and all eyes within a five-block radius will be focused on you.

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We're not even midway through this particularly brutal winter and I can confidently say that I'm pretty over it already. What do I hate the most? The cold, the slush, the cabin fever, and the absolute worst part: It's so hard to dress up in this polar vortex. While we may be stuck wearing functional boots, the thickest of sweaters, and fleece-lined leggings for awhile, there is one really easy way to stand out this wintry season: with a statement-making coat.

Let's be honest, outerwear is all anyone ever sees us in anyways—especially considering the subzero temps outside and how frigid it tends to be inside (seriously, does anyone turn on the heat anymore?). So if you're shopping for anything right now, think about making it one of these really bold, in-your-face, suck-all-the-attention-from-the-room/thoroughfare/nearest-viewing-distance type of coat in the slideshow above. The street style photogs are waiting, people.

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