12 Awesome Gift Ideas for People Who Hate Valentine's Day

Just because a person loathes the most love-filled day of the year doesn't mean they don't deserve a gift. And any one of these 12 cheeky-chic ideas will sway even the most tenacious of cold, cold hearts. Click on through to check 'em out.

Nothing like the first sip cup of coffee to start expressing how one really feels about Valentine's Day.
Yes, this cross-body is Valentine's Day red, but then it's covered in vicious, angry studs to really stomp all over the mushy occasion. Plus, what's better revenge than carrying a fabulous handbag?
The logical remedy to all this sappiness going around is an adult beverage made portable in a hipster-sleek wine flask. (Plus, 100 percent of the proceeds from the purchase are donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief, so even that should melt a Valentine's Day Grinch's frozen heart.)
Just really tell us how you feel about the occasion, why don't you? And then write out all that angst in a luxe leather bound diary.
Ironically, yes, a Valentine's Day hater does need love, too.
Chances are that your giftee is feeling a bit "dark" and "bittersweet" about the occasion.
The requisite Valentine's Day chocolate goes vengeful with deliciously caliente (and prettily packaged) chillies and chocolate mix. Kind of like a of volatile relationship ...
Every rose does have it's thorn, or thorns, like on this killer ear cuff. Bah humbug!
Maybe a good night's sleep would soften soften those bitter feelings about St. Valentine's Day—specially while slumbering in a super luxe PJ set. (Bonus: she might not even notice the heart-motif since they're not pink and red!)
It's like wearing your broken heart on your... earlobes.

And if your friend feels like backing his or her February 14 moodswings with a soundrack of its own, there no better option. From ecstatic (Hall and Oates! A marching band!) to downright maudlin, this one has the spectrum covered.

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Valentine's Day is just a few days away but let's be honest, not everyone gets excited about the sappy, love-saturated occasion. Maybe the date is rubbing salt in fresh wounds. And why do we need The Man to compel us to celebrate our love for one another when we should be doing that 365 days a year? Plus, it is a really annoying time to score a restaurant reservation and order a la carte (what's up with that, restaurants?). BUT in the spirit of the occasion, even a Valentine's Day Scrooge deserves a little love in the form of a gift. So we have 12 perfect ideas for you, all guaranteed to put a smile on any curmudgeonly, V-Day-hating face and maybe change that grumpy mind for when February 14, 2015 rolls around.