12 Awesome Gift Ideas for People Who Hate Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is just a few days away but let's be honest, not everyone gets excited about the sappy, love-saturated occasion. Maybe the date is rubbing salt in fresh wounds. And why do we need The Man to compel us to celebrate our love for one another when we should be doing that 365 days a year? Plus, it is a really annoying time to score a restaurant reservation and order a la carte (what's up with that, restaurants?). BUT in the spirit of the occasion, even a Valentine's Day Scrooge deserves a little love in the form of a gift. So we have 12 perfect ideas for you, all guaranteed to put a smile on any curmudgeonly, V-Day-hating face and maybe change that grumpy mind for when February 14, 2015 rolls around.

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