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The best part of this dress is the endless number of ways you can wear it. Click through for some of our ideas, along with some other perfect spring outfits.
Behold: the ultimate transitional wardrobe! Click through for 12 easy ways to style it.
Outfit #1

Perfect For: Casual weekend outings, like brunches, shopping and spending five hours in the same coffeehouse catching up on the Divergent series.

Styling Tip: Go all Madewell with it by half-tucking the shirt and cuffing your pants.

Also Works With: Moto, equestrian or any kind of boot, really, especially if there's still some winter snow lingering on the ground.

Outfit #2

Perfect For: Dinners at nice—but not black-tie nice—restaurants.

Styling Tip: Orange-red lipstick, à la Jenna Lyons, plays nicely against all those neutrals.

Also Works With: A white button-down layered beneath the sweater—be sure to find a style that's long enough to stick out the bottom, though!

Outfit #3

Perfect For: The dinner portion of your best friend's birthday party (before hitting the bar, you'll want to take off the denim layer and swap the crossbody for a clutch).

Styling Tip: Try threading a skinny belt through the skirt's loops.

Also Works With: If pencil shapes aren't your thing, a black A-line skirt is another excellent choice.

Outfit #4

Perfect For: Any non-corporate office.

Styling Tip: For one more layer of warmth, pile a fur vest on top of the blazer.

Also Works With: Leopard print not doing it for you? Feel free to swap in a red, black or navy style.

Outfit #5

Perfect For: Visiting museums and art galleries (and spending an hour in the gift shop browsing coffee table books and buying coffee mugs).

Styling Tip: Going with the whole Parisian ingenue feel here, we suggest little to no makeup and messy-on-purpose hair.

Also Works With: Oh chillier days, throw on opaque black tights and knee-high boots.

Outfit #6

Perfect For: When you're going out for the night, but can't deal with heels or body-conscious tops.

Styling Tip: Big chunky gold earrings of the vintage Chanel or Versace variety go great with that necklace.

Also Works With: A quilted leather miniskirt, because that's what Alexa Chung would do.

Outfit #7

Perfect For: First dates when you want to look good in a non-high-maintenance way.

Styling Tip: Don't tuck the tee all the way in—this look works best a little undone.

Also Works With: Take the tomboy-sexy thing one step further and switch the blue bag for a black leather backpack.

Outfit #8

Perfect For: Grabbing after-work drinks with your very best friends.

Styling Tip: Belt the blazer in an off-the-cuff Inès de la Fressange way.

Also Works With: Slim fitted turtleneck instead of a slouchy tee.

Outfit #9

Perfect For: Big family get-togethers.

Styling Tip: Should the weather be too cold for bare arms, add a long chunky cardigan.

Also Works With: Kitten heels or oxfords—but never ballet flats! Only about one percent of the population (aka Karlie Kloss) can pull off slipper shoes and pencil skirts without looking stumpy.

Outfit #10

Perfect For: Parties—day or night! So long as you adjust your makeup accordingly, the look should work either way.

Styling Tip: For fancier events, you might want to switch the handbag for an envelope clutch or minaudiere style.

Also Works With: A thin gold choker necklace.

Outfit #11

Perfect For: Casual Fridays.

Styling Tip: Layer the pendant necklace with lots of big chunky gold chains.  

Also Works With: "Fashion jackets": tweedy Chanel-esqe styles and leather bombers are both worthy options.

Outfit #12

Perfect For: Any day you want to feel like Emmanuelle Alt (which is every day, right?)

Styling Tip: Always roll those sleeves up!

Also Works With: Give it a slightly more minimalist feel by ditching the clutch for a black bucket bag.