The Surprising Reason Anna Kendrick Came To NYFW

Digital Fashion News Writer

New York Fashion Week brings us a lot of A-list to D-list celebrity buzz—and front-row sightings—to sift through. For a mega-star like Anna Kendrick, we'd assume she'd rack up a heaping list of show invitations—but we were surprised to learn that the 28-year-old triple threat has never attended NYFW befor. That is, until our editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, chatted with the Pitch Perfect star in Rebecca Minkoff's front row this afternoon to get the scoop.

"This is my first-ever fashion week. I wasn't really doing anything in L.A. so I figured, 'Eff it, I'll go to fashion week.' It's cold here, but it's's keeping me alert. It's...bracing," Anna told Eva. "I love Rebecca Minkoff. I've been wearing her for years."

Especially with many of the been-there, done-that attitudes now prevalent throughout Lincoln Center's street style seekers, Anna's slightly blasé viewpoint is a huge breath of fresh air for those of us covering NYFW. Here's to seeing Anna in the front row much more now that she's dipped her toes into the NYFW pool! Plus, Anna should already be aware of how much we love her. Remember our Pitch Perfect sing-a-long on Halloween?

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