Did Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Break Up?

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We have some good and bad news for you: Ryan Gosling may or may not be single. Before we let you get started on plotting an elaborate gesture to win his affection, let us be the ones to break it to you easy that Ryan's singledom is by no means confirmed. Yesterday, both InTouch and Life & Style Weekly reported Ryan Gosling, 33, and his lady love Eva Mendes, 39, had split up over Christmas after more than two years together—which, you can imagine, sent Girl World into a certified frenzy.

"They just knew it was time," a source told Life & Style Weekly, while an InTouch source said, "There is no ill will."

But then, Eva's rep denied the hearsay to E! News, calling them "just another round of rumors." Despite the rejection, the split wouldn't have been the most surprising shift in Hollywood right now. After all, the two aforementioned tabloids attributed the breakup to a "difference in priorities," and, well, the two hadn't been seen in public together since October...

It's all very confusing: just two days ago, a round of pregnancy rumors started swirling after Eva opted out of the security body scanner at Los Angeles International Airport, instead electing to be hand-checked. Spoiler alert: that ended up being fake, too.

So, did they or didn't they? We the people of Lucky demand an answer.

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