Eight Outfits That You And He Will Both Love

Poll any number of dudes, and they'll all agree that a girl in a white dress is the sexiest thing in the world. Seriously, the LWD is bona fide kryptonite for guys. Meanwhile, it's a piece you'll wear and love for seasons to come. To make it work for cold weather, craft a crisp winter white look.
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Senior Digital Editor

"You can't please everybody." You've likely heard this age-old saying a million times, and it tends to be true—but when it comes to fashion, there's always an exception. Sometimes, sometimes, it's possible to craft a winning outfit that not only makes you feel like a million bucks, but also puts a giant smile on your boyfriend/husband/significant other's face. Yes, such looks are the magical unicorns of the style world—but truly, they do exist.

The trick to looking stylish while not making your guy scratch his head in utter confusion? Avoiding items both overly trendy (we're looking at you, harem pants and peplums) and yawn-inducingly conservative (a twinset and pearls isn't really ideal for date night, unless you're dating the Queen). To help you out, I've put together eight head-to-toe looks that are guaranteed to please both parties, whether you're looking for a knockout Valentine's Day ensemble or just the perfect outfit for your next couples cocktail party.

PHOTO: Taylor Swift Modeled For Abercrombie & Fitch With A Guitar In 2003

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