Emma Roberts' Seven Step Formula for Off-the-Cuff Cool

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To celebrate Emma Roberts' big two-three, we're sharing the actress' seven-part signature style. Click through to try her look for yourself.

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A toast to Emma Roberts, who not only turns 23 today, but has also mastered the art of indie-chic dressing! We're truly in awe of the actress' innate ability to give any outfit—whether it's meant for a quick Starbucks run or walking the red carpet—a fresh and unexpected twist. Just how does she manage to always look so effortlessly cool?!

The secret, we'd say, is a seven-part answer, a series of style rules that the star consistantly sticks with. You'll find all of these tips in the slideshow above, each accompanied by photos of the birthday girl to help you get the look right (hopefully in time for a American Horror Story marathon tonight, right?). Click through to make Emma Roberts' style your own.

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