Our Editor-In-Chief Drops Some Serious Sneaker Knowledge

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Eva strikes her signature pose in a new pair of Nike iD sneakers for Instagram. Click through for five more sporty shoes she's excited about.
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Associate Digital Editor

If you've been following our editor-in-chief Eva Chen on Instagram, you may have noticed something different about her daily #evachenpose pictures lately. The setup is the same—feet only, next to a (consistently amazing!) handbag—but in place of those dreamy heels she normally wears, there's been a whole lot of sneakers. And not just "fashion" sneakers, either: we're talking straight-up, you-can-work-out-in-those-bad-boys shoes.

So how does she pull it off? Not overthinking it. "Sneakers are actually a departure for me," she admitted when I pressed her for the trick to wearing athletic footwear outside the gym. "I'm inspired by our fashion editor at large Carlyne Cerf and her very effortless take on sneaker dressing. Her point of view with sneakers is to wear them with anything and everything! The secret, in my mind at least, is to not care what you wear it with. You have to truly and completely believe in the effortlessness of sneakers."

For Eva, "everything" includes "jeans I roll up at the cuffs so it shows a little bit of ankle—that flash of ankle for some reason, psychologically, makes it feel more feminine and ladylike" and "visible ribbed socks that made me think of Steve Urkel from Family Matters, but it works because the sneakers are so skinny." She's also been inspired by a lot of girls around the Lucky office pairing their sporty shoes with "drifty slip dresses."

"It's definitely a moment for sneakers," she told me, and one that's inspired a lot of new additions to her shoe wardrobe. Click through the slideshow above to see and shop the sneakers Eva's been buying.

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