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Click through to read up on nine life-saving tips for stepping out in high heels from models and celebrities alike.
Hanne Gaby Odiele
"You need to have confidence and keep your head straight."
Bella Thorne
"Walking up the stairs can be really hard, so what helps is kicking up your dress with your feet. My heel always gets stuck on the bottom of the staircase, so I always have to kick up every time. Kick them up, so they don't get stuck!"
Charlie Paille
"Don't think about anything! Be confident and just go for it. Standing up straight is everything. No slouching."
AnnaSophia Robb
"Practice makes perfect, and focus on your core. Try not to think about it. And wear shoes that fit—that's the absolute most important thing you can do."
Malaika Firth
"I try to fly! Stand up straight and walk softly."
Anmari Botha
"Find a shoe that fits and then practice a lot!"
Gina Torres
"I would say keep your weight up. Think up, rise up, keep your posture going—it's very important. You don't want to sink into your knees, you don't want to sink into your feet. And keep moving—don't think about it!"
Kristine Zandmane
"Make sure you start off with a straight back. When you take the first step make sure the other leg behind you is very straight so your legs make a 'V' shape. Then, swing your hips!"
Marique Schimmel
"As long as you're confident, you can walk in high heels!"