Fashion Photographer 101: The 12 Pro Shutterbugs You Need To Know

David Sims

HOMEBASE: Cornwall, England

KNOWN FOR: Sims first rocketed to high fashion acclaim in the early 1990s thanks to his minimalistic backgrounds, flat studio lighting and skill for shooting models in movement.

CAN BE FOUND SHOOTING: Proenza Schouler, Jil Sander, Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs, S/S 2014 | David Sims | via Facebook/Alexander McQueen, F/W 2013

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Digital Fashion News Writer

I've always admired those who are enough in the know of the fashion industry that they can identify an editorial's model, season and photographer without having to reference Google. It's a skill many of my colleagues possess, and while I may not be completely there (yet), I'm well on my way to complete fashion fluency.

Enter: this fashion photographer cheat sheet. While a handful of these renowned and iconic photographers are household names (among artistic households, we suppose), others fly more under the radar. But one thing's for sure: these people know how to take a really, really beautiful photo—and can make clothes look really, really great.

Click through above now to study each and every one of them. You'll be quizzed later.

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