33 Faux Fur Pieces To Keep You Warm All Winter

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Even the biggest fur fanatics have to admit this faux jacket is dope. Click through for 32 more amazing animal-friendly alternatives.
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Associate Digital Editor

Of all the ladies who work in Lucky's digital division, I'm the only one who won't wear real fur. Now, please know that doesn't mean I fume when my coworkers enter the office swathed in genuine mink or fox, or that I secretly fantasize about dumping paint on them à la PETA. And I'm not going to judge you for owning the real deal, either. I get it: animal pelts are some of the toastiest fabrics around, and damn, it is freezing outside right now.

Really, the only reason I haven't fallen prey to genuine fur's downy soft siren song this especially bone-chilling winter (ugh, polar vortex!) is that the alternatives out there are just as enticing. As you'll see from the 33 faux pieces I've gathered above, imitations no longer look and feel like '90s troll doll hair; each one's cozy, cute and warm enough to impress anyone, however she feels about fur. I'm not saying you have to relinquish that vintage chinchilla chubby your grandmother gave you or stop saving for a Yves Salomon parka—just that you shouldn't rule out shopping faux options as well. Click through the slideshow to see why.

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