Give It A Twirl: 21 Picture-Perfect Full Midi Skirts

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Another great thing about wearing a full midi skirt? It looks amazing in street style photos!

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Circle midi skirts have the same mood-enhancing effect as waking up from 10 hours of sleep on a sunny 75-degree day with nothing on your agenda but getting pistachio gelato and hitting up Saks' shoe floor. Even those that are made from dark, simple fabrics have this contagiously fun feeling; the swingy silhouette makes everyone swish theirs hips while walking, steal little twirls in the empty aisles of drugstores and maybe even give a playful curtsy or two. No one has a bad time when they're wearing a full, feminine skirt.

The incredibly flattering fit, too, is another reason to smile: While the forgiving A-line silhouette makes everyone's waist look Scarlett O'Hara-tiny ("20 inches! We gotta make it 18.5 again, Mammy!"), its wide bell shape gives even the most athletically-built ladies an hourglass figure. It's just the right length to eliminate the whole "can I bend over" conundrum that comes with shorter styles, yet just cropped enough to show off your shoes (and, as our executive beauty editor Jean Godfrey June points out, a great excuse to wear awesome ones). Once you find the right one, you'll want to wear it every day, with everything and everywhere, so it's probably worth ordering one than one from the slideshow above—you're going to need some other options on laundry day, after all. (Although I totally won't judge if you can't part with your favorite long enough for the dry cleaner to steam-wash it.) Click through to shop the best circle midi skirts available online now.

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