Gold And Silver Accents: The Quickest Way To Add Shine To Your Winter Wardrobe

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From rebel-chic studs to holographic glimmer to mirrored shine, click through for 20 irresistible ways to inject some gold and silver accents to your winter wardrobe!

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Not to be a buzzkill, but is it me or is everything just looking kind of dull at this point in the winter? It's so dreary and gray outside, and aren't you getting sick of your cold-weather clothes (although printed pants might brighten up your outlook a bit)? Now is the time to call in some sparkle to break us out of our wintry style ennui—as in shimmery, glimmery, opulent gold and silver details. Finding ways to sneak the shiny details into your wardobe is the fun part—mirrored booties and pumps, separates adorned with foil and sequins, spikey, embellished statement jewelry, a holographic clutch, and—holy Chanel couture inspiration—a metal fanny pack and matching kicks. Click on through the slideshow above for 20 mood-lifting and wardrobe-reviving options that you won't be able to resist.

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