Dear Lucky: 'Tricks For Sticking With Getting In Shape?'

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Q Every January, I resolve to get in shape—and by February, I've lost all momentum. Tricks for sticking with it? —Erin

A Dear Erin, A celebrity famous for (among other things) her gorgeously toned, athletic body was talking to a friend of mine. My friend asked what Gorgeous Celeb was doing for exercise: "Your body looks better than ever!" she remarked. Gorgeous Celeb turned and looked at my friend intently. "Of course, I exercise," she said. "But it's mostly to feel good and be healthy." She paused, then delivered the fact we all know is true yet choose to ignore: "But 90 percent of how you look is what you eat." This is obvious. And yet. My friend agreed, mumbling something about a clean diet. "Do you ever cheat?" demanded Gorgeous Celeb. Well, of course, we all ... "You can never cheat. That's the secret."

I want—like you, perhaps—to dismiss Gorgeous Celeb as eating disordered and crazy, but this particular Gorgeous Celeb is neither of those things. True, she has the means to pay trainers, chefs, nutritionists, et al., but what it's all added up to, for her, is that diet is important. Along similar lines, another, remarkably ageless Gorgeous Celeb told me she felt her non-aging was a direct result of the fact that, since she has diabetes, she'd had a lifetime of not eating sugar. They've done studies; glycation (metabolizing sugar) does indeed age your skin.

So renew your gym membership. Walk, run, Soul Cycle it up! But don't slouch in the good-diet department, if in-shape is truly your goal.

And: I think French Women Don't Get Fat because French Women Never Discuss Getting Fat. No "I can't eat that—I'm so fat!" Have a bite or two and keep it a secret.

Brigitte Bardot doing a classic Riviera workout: Lift bag from convertible.

Photo by Fournol/Olympia Publifoto/SIPA Press

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