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1. Layer it over a turtleneck.

When you can't possibly fathom another sweater-pants-boots combination (we've recently reached that point ourselves), a turtleneck sweater serves as an excellent outfit accomplice. Wear it under your dress, with or without tights, but when it comes to the shoes, keep them short and somewhat unassuming.

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2. Pair it with a chic, sporty sweatshirt.
The fun thing about a pleated, schoolgirl-y minidress is that, often, it can double as a skirt—especially when worn with a piece a little more masculine, like a sweatshirt.
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3. Go for comfort with an oversized, cozy sweater.

I know, I know: thick sweaters are probably the last thing you'll want to be wearing come March, but wear this look with legs and a cool, utilitarian jacket for an A+ styling job.

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4. Wear it all by its lonesome.
Spice it up with a number of longer pendants and chunky bangles. Let the sandals speak for themselves.
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5. Elongate your legs with a pair of sky-high heels.
May I present the very reason women around the world elect to suffer high heels: lengthened, ultra-sexy stems.
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6. Slip a colorful, vintage-inspired tee over it.
Just like a sporty sweatshirt, you can have a little fun with a loose, graphic t-shirt in terms of styling. Aiming for a cleaner, chicer look? Then pattern-clashing may not serve as your best bet.
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7. Feeling adventurous? Add over-the-knee socks to a lingerie-inspired slip.
It might feel a little funny, but have faith: the look works.
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