Seven Ways To Wear Your Spring Wardrobe Right Now

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Until it's warm enough for bare arms and legs, you better stick with the outfits ahead. Click through for seven ways to enjoy your new spring stuff now.

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Although the calendar-official start of spring is still three and a half weeks away—with, perhaps, an even longer wait until temperatures hit a no-coat zone—the best time to start shopping for warm-weather clothes is now, while stores still have a good selection. Waiting until it's actually balmy enough to go bare-legged and short-sleeved leaves far too many factors to chance: what if your size sells out? Or the wrong color is left? And let's not forget about gross makeup stains from 10 other people trying it on!

What's more, it's not like there's some hard-and-fast rule saying that you can't enjoy a spring purchase while there's still a probable chance of snow. As I've proven with the seven pieces originally intended for sunny days in the 70-degree range in the slideshow above, each worked into a early-March-friendly outfit, it's totally possible to wear all your new sundresses, sandals and jackets before next season even starts. Click through to see how.

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