50 Jeans Under $50

Skinnies, trousers, colored, coated and patterned jeans—it's time to stock up!

The bootcut leg and dark wash are crazy-slimming.
The acid-washed jeans of our 1980s dreams.
Change up your weekend wear with this lovely printed pair.
Throw on a chambray and call it a day.
Meet your new Saturday night go-tos.
Ditch the skinnies for this more relaxed style every now and then.

Add a plaid shirt and make those cowboys proud!
They'll never see you coming.
These jeans are totally slimming and they'll make your legs look supermodel-long!
Who needs a boyfriend when you have these?
Business by day, party by night.
In the immortal words of Barney Stinson, "They're not called over-T-shirts, Robin. They're not called over-shirtless-fat-guys-who-used-to-come-fix-my-mom's-car-and-hang-out-with-her-upstairs-for-a-little-while." Mix it up!
Meet your new and improved summertime blues.
As versatile and reliable as your little black dress.

Try these on. Your butt will thank you.
These dark green skinny jeans are perfect for those just testing the waters with non-black jeans.
Go ahead, turn your legs into glowsticks.
For a laid-back look, wear with a loose-fitting blouse and flats.
From backyard barbecues to fall hikes, these jeans work for any occasion.
Paging Beetlejui—I mean, Robin Thicke!
Tone down the brightness by throwing on a light-colored top.

Summer baseball games and cookouts? We've got you covered.
To be worn while cheering on Chris Hemsworth's F-1 racecar driver in Rush. Or, you know, to the beach!
No belt necessary.

You'll want to put on your favorite Sperrys and go sailing.
If you don't want to venture too far from black skinny jeans.
Buy multiple pairs—these only get better with age.
Pitch perfect for a summer concert.
Just in case your office is against skinny jeans!
Such a fun color option for spring.
Slip into these for those lazy, aimless summer days.
Super-slimming when paired with pumps.
Just enough distressing.
Pairs perfectly with a crisp white blouse.
Too many skinny jeans? No such thing.
Get yourself picnic-ready now.
Pretty pink with an extra-special acid splash.

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There's a lot about denim that you may not know. For example, the word "jean" comes from the French city of Genoa, Italy, where denim trousers were first produced. And while jeans come in many styles and colors, blue pairs are particularly ingrained into American culture—and associated with the Old West in particular. So the next time you pull on your favorite pair of skinny jeans, take a moment to thank those cowboys who got the whole thing started!

That said, why have just one—or two or 10—pairs of jeans? Click through the slideshow above to stock up on the season's best skinnies, wide-legs, colored, coated and patterned jeans—all under $50!

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