Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Her 2014 Oscars Dress

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"I obviously have very special memories of the dress I wore to the Oscars—some fun, some not," Jennifer Lawrence laughs in a mini interview with Dior, filmed while shooting the fashion house's sexy, pantsless Spring 2014 campaign. "They need to make it more accessible for stairs, in my opinion." This, of course, references the 23-year-old actress' dramatic trip up the steps while accepting her Oscar for Best Actress last year—which, one could argue, made America's most relateable movie star even more likeable.

This interview is one in a series of short clips which detail her long-term relationship ("contract" may be a better word, in this case) with the brand, during which she professes her love of both Dior and the circus known as awards season. She muses: "It feels nice when you're dressed in something beautiful and you feel beautiful; when you're wearing an outfit you're really proud of or a dress you feel really good in."

She also takes the opportunity to discuss her dress for this year's Oscars, which she deemed "the most beautiful dress I think I'd ever seen." She describes the selection process, saying: "We were going through a lot of designs and pictures online, and then I saw it. I saw a picture of it from the runway. Now I get the haute couture thing—it's a big deal."

Throw us a bone that's just a little bigger, JLaw? Regardless, the element of surprise is running high, and we absolutely can't wait to see which Dior number she wears on Sunday.

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