Jeremy Scott On His First Moschino Collection: 'Elegant, Glamorous, Over The Top'

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If there were ever a time for Moschino to make a valiant, zeitgeisty comeback, it'd be right now, in 2014. Following the highly streetwear-inspired Spring 2014 collections, designers across the board are taking cues from the logo-heavy days of years past—namely, the 1990s. So when the slightly eccentric Jeremy Scott took the reigns of the Italian fashion house as creative director last year, we knew it was only a matter of time before Moschino once again joined the ranks of sought-after, quirky-luxe labels.

The wait is (almost) over: Scott's debut collection is set to be unveiled tomorrow as part of Milan Fashion Week—and the fashion crowd will surely be watching every look with critical excitement. According to an interview with WWD, the collection will encompass styles "from eveningwear to suits, in crepes, bouclés, leathers, knits, silks, touching upon all of them. Imagine our pre-fall collection with a volume turned way up, radio-station up," says the designer.

His pre-fall line, which featured gold chain- and letter-embellished coats and dresses, harkened back to Moschino's vintage days of iconography and somewhat outlandish clothing; "elegant, glamorous, over the top" and, as WWD reports, "with a dose of humor," perfectly represents the Moschino girl.

The sketches below offer a sneak peek of what we have to look forward to come Thursday (8 pm Milan time, to be exact)—and if the real looks are half as amusing as the drawings, we're in for a fun time.

Courtesy of Moschino

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