Katy Perry Channels Cleopatra—With A Diamond Grill—In Her 'Dark Horse' Music Video


Katy Perry has just joined a long line of celebrities who have channeled the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra in their work. Rarely one to shy away from theatrics, the pop star's transformation into Katy-Patra for her "Dark Horse" music video is nothing if not dramatic, complete with an inky black wig and regal headdress—in addition to the modern-day touch of an outrageously bejeweled grill. (To be fair, historical accuracy has never really been Katy's thing.)

The video, which just hit the interwebs in the last hour, is every bit as lighthearded and loony as you'd expect from the fun-loving songstress, and sees Katy-Patra being courted by a handful of royal suitors in hilarious fashion—and turning each one into a pile of sparkling sand (hey, there's nothing wrong with having high standards). It's a candy-colored affair from top to bottom and splashed with plenty of Egyptian iconography—Hieroglyphics! Sarcophagi! And wait, is that...Flamin' Hot Cheetos?

Seriously, just watch it. We imagine Elizabeth Taylor, circa 1963, would be proud.

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