What Kendall Jenner's Marc Jacobs NYFW Debut Means For The Kardashian Family

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Jeff Henrikson/Vogue

Kendall Jenner in Marc Jacobs.

Despite their undeniable stardrom, I'm not really one for the Kardashians. There's something about Rob Kardashian's sock line that depresses me, and I was a little disappointed when "Kimye" became a formal, child-bearing entity. But I haven't been able to disregard the family's second-youngest offspring, 18-year-old Kendall Jenner. Perhaps it's her high fashion appeal—or rather, her alleged One Direction beau—but Kendall is undeniably on the fast track to supermodel stardom—especially after her NYFW debut in Marc Jacobs' Fall 2014 show last night.

As our friends at Vogue described, and as last night proved, Kendall "is on the verge of It girl–dom in a way that her more famous sisters blew right past in their prolifically documented and methodically unorthodox quest for world domination." Of course, Kendall's Marc Jacobs appearance was not a complete surprise, hinted at by a week-old Instagram of her posing with Marc's go-to stylist Katie Grand. Perhaps Kendall's runway debut signifies a whole new breed of Kardashian, one for whom Marc Jacobs could open an infinite amount of doors ranging from ad campaigns to A-list buddies. For comparison, Kanye West's campaign for a Kim Kardashian Vogue cover has been such an absolute hullabaloo, while Kendall Jenner could plausibly land an editorial spread in the glossy in the next six months.

At the same time, discusses Vogue, "was Jenner just a publicity stunt for the New York designer’s eponymous label, which has been watched closely since he left Louis Vuitton last year?" Only time—and Kendall's soon-to-skyrocket career trajectory—will tell.

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