14 Memorable Oscars Looks Our Editors Will Never Forget

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Out of the hundred of looks that have walked down the Oscars red carpet, our editors love the following 14 the most. Click through to see their picks!

Donato Sardella for WWD (left and right), Getty Images

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Ask any die-hard red carpet-watcher why they tune in every awards season and they'll say the same thing: they're waiting for The Moment. The Moment, in case you aren't familiar, is that rare occurrence when a star shows up looking so unbelievably amazing that you forget about the dozens of other beautiful people attending the event. All you can focus on is the perfect way her dress, hair, makeup and accessories work together in complete harmony—you didn't know that it was possible for a real person to look that good! It's the best kind of living vicariously.

To gear up for a potential capital M-worthy moment at this Sunday's big show (who do you think will bring it? J Law? Lupita?), our editors have named 12 former Oscar attendees who set the bar pretty high. Click through the slideshow above for their favorite Academy Awards looks of all time.

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