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From salon services to shoes to jeans, we've gathered 12 things our editors will always shell out for, no matter what. Click through for their picks.
"I never cut corners when it comes to concealer. Trends come and go but perfect-looking skin is forever. My favorites are NARS and Clé de Peau!" - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
"Get the expensive shoe and cheap out on the rest of your outfit. This applies to the classic you'll wear forever—in my case, the Louboutin Pigalle in black—and the crazy trend you think won't last as long—the new Marni sporty sandals. The trend always lasts longer than you think it's going to, with a shoe." - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director
"I'm not saying there aren't lots of options out there, but I always feel good about splurging on a great coat. It's the layer people most often see and assuages a lot of my last-minute I-rushed-out-the-door-oh-dear-what-am-I-wearing frenzies. My best investments have been coats from The Row and Céline." - Anne Keane, fashion director
"Wolford tights. Wearing tights is a bummer, but these feel great." - Laurel Pantin, market editor
"I am a firm believer in quality denim, probably because I live in jeans. I think it's worth spending to make sure you get the exact right fit and, even more importantly, that the cut holds up after days and days (and days!) of wear. I have a few favorites, but I'm really into Frame Denim right now. Their "Le Garcon" is maybe the most perfect boyfriend cut of all time (go one size down from your usual!) and the 'Le Skinny De Jeanne' is the classic, clean, guaranteed-to-stay-fitted pair of skinnies every closet needs." - Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor
"The only boots I wear are No. 6. They're definitely a splurge for me, but at this point I can't live without them. They fit me perfectly, look boho-awesome with everything, get cooler the more broken-in they get and are surprisingly weather-resistant. I treat myself to a new pair about every 18 months, but they're super-durable, so I still have the very first pair I bought (and I wear them all the time). I already know what my next pair is going to be (pull-on mid-heels in brown aviator, whoop!)." - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"I don't subscribe to the collective belief (amongst most fashion editors, at least) that crazy-expensive = better when it comes to shoes—most of my favorite and most frequently worn pairs, in fact, fall squarely into the contemporary pricing range of a couple hundred dollars or (often) less. However, I do believe in shelling out the cash for a really beautiful handbag. Not only does an exquisite carryall have the potential to elevate a boring outfit to street-style-bait status—seriously, a Chanel Boy bag or Céline's classic Box style could make your weekend parka-and-yoga-pants look seem chic—but they also tend to last far, far longer than cheaper ones, something I haven't found to be true with extremely high-end shoes. Additionally, the most iconic designer bags aren't season-specific—they're usually reissued collection after collection, meaning your splurge won't seem played-out in a few years' time. And when you're venturing into four-figure pricing territory, that's extremely important!" - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"Spending over $100 on a basic T-shirt bras may not be nearly as fun as, say, splurging on wildly impractical shoes, but it's so worth it to me. Few things are worse than fidgeting and adjusting ill-fitting undergarments at your desk for eight hours, daydreaming about the moment you can go home and change! I've found European brands have the best fit for me—Chantelle and Marie Jo are two of my go-tos—and last me for years." - Alison Syrett Cleary, associate digital editor
"Lately, I'm all about splurging on a really great face mask. It's a trend that's really popular in Korea right now and it's starting to pick up here in the states. Your skin drinks up the ingredients of the mask for 20-30 minutes so you definitely want to make sure you're getting one that's great quality. I've lately been trying to get everyone, including our social media director Virginia Nam, to try out Sulwhasoo's new Snowise Ex Brightening Mask. It looks hilarious on, but you'll be the last one laughing when your skin feels amazing afterward." - Christa Lee, digital beauty editor
"I always (semi) joke about how one thing comes before anything else on my spending priority list, and that is professional haircare. I've gone through many stages of blonde in my lifetime, and I'm not willing to settle at this point. I suppose I can blame my ultra-perfectionist personality and appreciation for the finer things, but I will always prioritize Shu Uemura, Christophe Robin, and my girl Jen Thorpe at Sam Brocato Salon." - Kristie Dash, assistant to the editor-in-chief
"One of my mom's favorite sayings is, 'There's no discount like quality.' As I've entered adulthood and have begun filling out my wardrobe on my own, I've found this to be exceptionally true. One piece that many women may feel tempted to cheap out on are sandals—simply due to their seasonal quality, if you live in New York, like us. But is there anything worse than hitting mid-August and having your favorite shoes already worn down to absolute shreds? Literally, no. Buy a nice, versatile pair that will hold up for multiple seasons—or you could just buy a pair of Birkenstocks and be happy forever." - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"I'm always willing to splurge on a good manicure. I love going to Sakura in the East Village, where I can get a Calgel manicure. Although it's never less than $60, it's always worth it. The manicurists always do the coolest designs and it lasts for up to a month without chipping!" - Rachel Bernstein, art assistant