From Cashmere to Diamonds, 20 Luxurious Pieces For Under $150

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Click on through to satisfy your luxury shopping desires, but all for less than $150. It's a fashion week miracle!

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Nod in agreement if you know where I'm coming from: sometimes (or most of the time), I have Chanel taste, but a Karl Lagerfeld x H&M budget. And hey, I own it. But I'll tell you a secret: there are so many ways to enjoy luxurious, almost-decadent purchases, but without the rude awakening when the monthly credit card bill arrives. We all want to look good and show off cool, unique, and quality pieces that really make an outfit, and maybe prompt envy compliments.

From actual high-end designer accessories to sumptuous cashmere sweaters to opulent (and sometimes diamond-encrusted) jewelry, there are plenty of options that won't bust your credit score. Don't believe me? Check out these 20 irresistibly luxurious items to keep or gift, all under $150!

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