Who Wore It Better: Marc Jacobs' Models Or Dexter Morgan?

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via Getty Images (left) and Dexter's Facebook page (right)

Left: A Model at Marc Jacobs' Fall 2014 show. right: Dexter Morgan

While everyone was busy freaking out about Kendall Jenner's surprise NYFW debut on Marc Jacobs' runway last night, I was preoccupied with something else entirely: henleys! On the catwalk! To be fair, we've seen tons of pajama-style looks on recent runways, MJ's most certainly among them—but this was something new. The button-neck, waffle-weave top generally associated with sleepwear and long johns hasn't had a fashion moment in ages, and who better to bring it back into the sartorial conversation than Marc?

Of course, nobody's managed to make the henley look sexier—or scarier, depending on your personal opinion—over the years than one Dexter Morgan, crime-fighting serial killer and the fictional antihero of Showtime's now-ended series Dexter. Part of the character's infamous "kill outfit," or the garb he sports every time he ends a life, the shirt's as much a part of Dexter as are his blood-spotted slides. Of course, when Marc Jacobs puts his stamp on a fashion item, it instantly becomes sought-after by the entire style set (remember what he did for Tevas last season?!). So the question remains: Who wore it better? Marc Jacobs' models or Dexter Morgan? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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