Marc Jacobs On Showing In Paris, A Major Name Change And Everything Miley Cyrus

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Marc Jacobs and his dog, Neville, whose respective Instagram account has more than 28,000 followers.

When speculation turned to confirmation that Marc Jacobs was to be leaving his creative directorship at Louis Vuitton, our first thought wasn't exactly, "Wow, he's going to have so much time now!" Because even as he bids adieu to what was sure to have been an enormous obligation, the iconic, 50-year-old designer has a plenty of other projects on his plate, including his own namesake line and its more wallet-friendly, streetwear sister label, Marc by Marc Jacobs. But regardless, change is in the air for Marc come 2014, and he has a few surprising plans up his sleeve—all of which he discussed in detail in a feature by David Amsden in W Magazine's March issue. While the entirety of the profile is certainly worth the full read, we went through it so you don't have to, picking out the most noteworthy quotes that give us mere mortals an idea of what Marc has in store with his newfound "free time."

1. On Marc by Marc Jacobs will be getting a name change: "...the 'diffusion' niche has become a mainstay of fashion, with designers like Alexander Wang taking advantage of a consumer Jacobs was largely responsible for creating, and is now keen to woo back... 'The name, for starters, is going to change,' Jacobs said, explaining that Marc by Marc was not his first choice but one he settled on due to trademark complexity. 'I've always hated that name. I have an idea of what it should be, which I presented to everyone, but I can't really say it yet. I'm very superstitious that way. I always believe that if I say something before it's done it won't really happen."

2. On showing an upcoming collection in Paris, rather than New York (gasp!): "Jacobs was considering the idea of showing his higher-end Marc Jacobs collection in Paris. 'There's always been this impression that I've been in Paris only to do Vuitton, and New York for Marc Jacobs, but that's never been the case,' he said. 'I have Marc Jacobs offices in Paris, and, if anything, maybe they need to get bigger. You know, I'm not opposed to someday showing Marc Jacobs in Paris. It's part of what I thought might be a nice way to distinguish between the two lines."

3. On his longtime campaign photographer, Juergen Teller, not shooting Miley Cyrus for Marc's Spring 2014 campaign: "'Juergen didn't want to shoot Miley. I didn’t get into why,' Jacobs said. 'It was our first time disagreeing, and maybe if we had disagreed more in the past I would have been more patient. Who knows? I guess a lot of people had problems with her behavior or something—because they're all so pure and chaste, right?'

Jacobs, an exceedingly earnest personality in general, let slip a sarcastic snicker. 'One thing I don't tolerate is hypocrisy. Anyway, my attitude was: You don't want to do it? Fine. Sorry it's not working for you; but it's my choice.' Parting with Teller wasn't part of any specific brand strategy—'I can’t even say the word '‘strategy' with a straight face; we're really just intuitive and impulsive,' Jacobs noted—but it allowed him to become more at ease with shaking things up at every level of the company. 'For the first time in a long time, this is the only thing I have to think about,' he said. 'It feels like an opportunity to clean house and redecorate and renovate and get in touch with what initially made us tick, you know?'"

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