All That Glitters Is Gold In Me&Ro x Goop's New Jewelry Collaboration

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Digital Fashion News Writer

Goop's latest collaboration is one you won't want to take off (trust us on this one)—but luckily, you won't have to! New York City-based jewelry design company Me&Ro has joined forces with Goop to create a brand-new, limited-edition collection that will be carried exclusively on this month. The glittering gold line contains 10 classic styles of versatile, clean jewelry, all in 10k yellow gold: think various sizes of hoop earrings, bangles, a wide band ring—and our personal favorite, shark tooth and gold horn pendants. With prices ranging from $300-$3,525, this high-end collection is comprised of stunning investment pieces that, quite literally, could last a lifetime.

Celebrities like Kate Moss and Julia Roberts have already professed their love for Me&Ro—and now that Gwyneth Paltrow's on board, you no longer have a reason not to join them, too. Click through the slideshow above to both peep and shop the exclusive collaboration, or to just enjoy the gleaming eye candy.

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