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Proof that menswear can be amazing on ladies, too!

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1. Leave your button-down a little undone.
Although this Jenna Lyons-inspired maneuver literally takes less than five seconds to do, don't underestimate its impact! Something about a slightly mussed-up shirt makes even the matchy-matchiest of suits feel relaxed and spontaneous. (Bright colors and metallic accents help with that, too!)
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2. Work in a pink or purple hue.

Nothing better balances the aggressive mannishness of suspenders than an unapologetically girlish color.

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3. Mix and match plaids.
Think of it as print-mixing 2.0: A little more refined than two clashing motifs, but still off-kilter enough to be cool.
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4. Throw on some heels.

When you're working with a full-on coordinating tweed suit and tie, one well-placed ladylike element is very important—it ties the whole outfit together! Black patent pumps should do the trick.

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5. Layer like crazy.

The best way to keep your outfit from roaming into Wall Street banker territory is to work in lots of unexpected texture, like denim, wool and suede.

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6. Skip the undershirt step.

Precisely tailored suiting without a second layer can be even more sexy that the most curve-hugging Jessica Rabbit dress (and it's way more comfortable at a dinner party).

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7. Wear head-to-toe white.

The best part about this look is you don't need to invest in a matching suit; if you've got white separates, you've got a look. (The snowy sneakers you see here are an especially nice addition—it's the shoe style this season!)

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8. Keep your pants cropped.

Even when ties, grandpa belts and newsboys caps are involved, that flash of ankle gives the look a distinctively feminine feel.

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9. Pick a slightly shrunken fit.

There's something so cheeky and playful about swapping the trousers for knickers à la Thom Browne. Even better, it's pretty much the only menswear option for the middle of summer that won't cause unreasonable sweating.

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10. Get a skinny tie.

Whereas the kind of traditional neckwear your dad probably has on rotation can easily veer into stodgy territory, a super-thin style is refreshingly modern.

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11. Step up your accessories game.

Matching handbags and hats, sandal pumps, ombré sunglasses—even a fresh manicure!—are all good ways to turn an ordinary suit into a look.

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