Dear Lucky: 'Can I Wear My Midi Skirt This Spring?'

Executive Beauty Director

Q Midi is the go-to hem length for winter—will the mini make a comeback for spring? —@stripnyc

A Dear @stripnyc, The fashion department says there is no length that doesn't work this spring, but midi—somewhere between just below the knee and midcalf—remains chicer than chic. "If you're model-esque or very hourglass (i.e., tiny waisted), the really full, poufy circle skirts like at Peter Som and Erdem are so feminine and pretty," says Lucky executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. The length also works in a tight, fitted shape (as at Prada), with pleats or as an A-line, all of which are more forgiving, bodywise, than the giant pouf. (I tend to go for the pouf despite my non-model, non-tiny-waistedness, and the result tends to be a sort of King Henry VIII look that I can't exactly recommend, yet I persist.)

Whatever shape you choose, Alexis says, the midi or tea length is perfect for showing off statement shoes. "Definitely do a high heel—a sandal, a boot, something you want to flaunt," she says. The skirts themselves are something of a statement: "As opposed to a dress, this is a way to wear a major designer and not spend so much," she says. "And there are great options in stores now for less than $100." The Midi. Or the Tea. Whatever you call it, the moment is continuing.

Adorably swishy full skirts on the streets of Milan—note the statement heels!

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

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